Collaboration and Social Networking

SharePoint's Social Computing and Collaboration services are a great way to engage both the customers and the employees together, thereby constructing a smoother business channel. We at OTS, are committed to offer such solutions in a cost effective and timely manner to meet the client's demanding schedules.

Social content technologies, like wikis, blogs, podcasts, RSS (really simple syndication), and My Sites are few of the social computing features that enable easy capturing and sharing of information to target relevant content online, encourage better collaboration, and improve innovation.

OTS delivers diversified solutions to our Australian compliance, including CEO Podcast, Blogging Sites, Human Resource Wiki's, Employee Portals, Podcasting, Team Collaboration Sites, and YouTube for Enterprise, amongst others.

OTS's fosters to improve collaboration by building communities successfully with its incessant commitment and dedication.

social computing services

OTS Collaboration and Social Networking Benefits

social computing collaboration
  • Huge libraries and lists to store and share information.
  • Better integration of information, including people, businesses, applications, and various products.
  • Help in connecting better with your colleagues, friends, and partners.
  • Assists in keeping track of your content regularly, including the news feeds.
  • Collaborate wiki's, blogs, portals, podcasts, and YouTube, effectively.
  • Supports both internal and external engagements for exceptional marketing efforts.
  • Boots up the productivity, as well as the efficiency.
  • Improved information sharing process.
  • Improved business communication.
  • Accelerates the business operations.

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