OTS develops Custom Software Solutions for both small and large scale enterprises for accomplishing their requirements of Desktop, Web, as well as Mobile based portals and apps. Our focus bequeaths high quality standards to increase productivity and to offer solutions at a competitive price.

Solutions Delivered

We have been successful in delivering tailored solutions for various industries:

  • Sales Management Solutions
  • Course Management Services
  • Finance/ Accounting Software Solutions
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Enterprise Web Applications
  • Enterprise Mobile Applications
  • Contact Management Solutions
  • Supply Chain/ Stock Control Systems
  • Performance Measurement Based apps
  • Project Costing Software
  • Scheduling Services
  • Retail Management Solutions
  • Property Management Services
  • Enterprise Based Solutions
  • Process Automation Systems
  • Integrated Services
  • Credit Assessment Systems
  • Maintenance & Support Solutions
custom solutions


  • Quality Assurance- With OTS you can be well assured of the quality in our projects, as we conduct a comprehensive outlay and put our customized software under stringent test in order to ensure high quality standards.
  • World Class Infrastructural Support- It bestows confidence amongst our clients, thereby helps in enhancing your custom apps by meeting the challenging business obligations.
  • Flexible- OTS strive to match your needs with its high flexibility, right from the day you first speak with us. Be it's pricing, model, or location of our services, we are always looking to bend down as per our customers needs.
  • Extracting Expertise- OTS believes in turning your ideas into finely integrated sculptured software, with the assistance of our highly talented and experienced pool of engineers.
  • Fast & Reliable- Our motto lies in delivering to your requirements with full reliability, in the fastest possible manner.

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