Microsoft Azure Solutions

Resort to the assistance of OTS, as your 'one-stop-shop' for all your on-demand infrastructure that adapts and scales bestowing to your ever changing business needs. With the incorporation of low price and end-to-end support, we offer the pioneer services in Microsoft Azure Solutions.

This internet scale computing and service platform implement swiftness in the complete business operation and leverage accelerated solutions.

As an adopter of this technology, OTS is entirely positioned to develop and manage Windows Azure projects across all the industries.

Windows Azure Solutions


microsoft azure solutions
  • Web Site
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Services
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Network
  • Mobile Solutions
  • SQL Database
  • Managing, Storing, & Deployment Services
  • Application Development
  • Media Solutions
  • E-commerce
  • Advisory Services
  • Migration & Development Solutions
  • Tools & Solutions

The OTS Advantage

  • Alliance- OTS in partnership with Microsoft offers a unique blend of services. Focuses on the current market trends, including an insight of the Azure future in order to build high on popularity infrastructure platforms.
  • Competencies- We are competent in delivering excellent Windows Azure services to cater to our Australian clients.
  • Complete Service- OTS offers end-to-end services ranging from performance engineering and deployment service to migration and advisory service.
  • Control of Your Spending- It is easy to control your budgets with the help of automated alerts and the WAP portal.
  • Heterogeneous Computing Environment- We offer an amalgamated environment with the inclusion of traditional computing environment, public, private, and Microsoft cloud products.
  • Tools & Accelerates- Our number of tools, various solutions for diverse industries and reusable components assists us in meeting the required production standards, while developing Azure projects.

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