Publishing Solutions

A massive change in the Publishing has shifted the path to the digitization, where the new electronic channels are the major platforms used by publishers to sell and distribute content.

OTS offers a competitive solution to meet the accelerating industry challenges in the Publishing, in order to fulfill the complex requirements. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and an exceptional experience of catering to several clients in Publishing make OTS the preferred vendor for Publishing IT Solutions.

Our Competencies

  • Integrated Publishing and Content Warehouses
  • Subscription Management Solutions
  • Advertisement Solutions
  • Online Magazines
  • Mobile / Tablet Magazine Readers
  • e-Book Conversions
  • Custom CRM Solutions
  • Content Workflow Solutions
  • Product Showcase
  • Systems Integrations
digital publishing solutions

Our Objectives

  • Seamless Content Delivery- We help publishing companies deliver content and products through various new channels, including web and mobile.
  • Eliminate Manual Tasks- OTS helps publishing companies to automate, process workflow from content creation to final delivery and sales in the market.
  • Convert To Reach eRevolution- We help today's publishers convert their legacy books and magazines to e-Book formats, including Kindle, iOS, ePub, etc.
  • Cost Effective- OTS offers ambitious strategies with low cost investments through its hybrid model of service delivery.

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